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I love that look when Sherlock just realizes.

#It’s the nerves of steel bit that always gets me. #Because he says it #and there’s John looking completely innocent #in his jumper next to a police car #all tidy and non-assuming #And Sherlock can just look and know #’I just described John Watson. My new friend.’ #and there was no turning back at that point for either of them.

#it’s when Sherlock just thinks #My god. I’ve only known this man for a day and a half and he has just killed a man for me #And he’s so surprised because no one has cared about him that much or done such a thing like this #and it confuses him #he doesn’t understand

I was going to say something. But then I re-read the tags. And impersonated the gif.

I used to feel like it took Sherlock forever to realize that it had to be John who shot the guy, and I used to be like, “YOU ARE SHERLOCK HOLMES. YOU ARE DESCRIBING YOUR FRIEND JOHN WATSON. REALIZE THIS.” And then I recognized that Sherlock had absolutely no reason to ever suspect that this man he’d just met would have killed a man for him. I feel like this is the moment when Sherlock thinks, “OMG, I have a friend. That man is my friend.”

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    Aren’t you all just overthinking? I mean, he was in SHOCK, right? :p
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    John killed someone for me. Welp, we are BFFs now I can’t eat him out. I’m going to snuggle my shock blanket now and...
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