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Anonymous asked: If it's not too raw of a subject, could you explain what you meant by your break-up with Doctor Who? I'm not too terribly learned about the show, but I'd love to here what your thoughts are on it and what creator decisions it takes to push you as a fan out of the fandom

It is no longer raw, because it was many, many years ago now, because I am old. 

Once upon a time, I watched a show called Doctor Who. I knew basically absolutely nothing upon it, just happened upon “The Christmas Invasion” on SyFy one night (I think it might still have been called SciFi at that point!), which was the Tenth Doctor’s first episode, and fell immediately and irreversibly in love. Because I didn’t know anything about the show, I actually was able to draw my own conclusions about the Doctor/Rose relationship, and I honestly concluded from TCI and the next episode, New Earth, that they had been dating before the “regeneration” thing happened. I really, honestly thought that. When I went back and watched S1, I was shocked to discover that wasn’t true. 

SO ANYWAY. I became a HUGE Doctor/Rose shipper and I adored the Tenth Doctor beyond all reason and I cried over Doomsday as you do and I wrote tons of Doctor Who fanfic and generally had this marvelous time and then Journey’s End happened and I hated it with the fire of a hundred thousand suns. I haaaated it. I think the only episode of Doctor Who I hate more than Journey’s End is End of Time, which you should never watch with me, because I’ve seen it twice, and the second time was in a movie theater, and I kept loudly sighing in disgust, and I didn’t even have the excuse of being drunk! 

So yeah. Anyway, I hated the Doctor so much in Journey’s End. I just felt like nothing he did made any sense in the context of what I had thought I’d known about him. I literally could no longer wrap my mind around the character. I’d spent all this time writing him and then the stuff he did in JE was just so beyond me that I was like, “…Wow. Did I really get him *that* *wrong*?” And then I found him just unbearable in every episode after that. Like, I hated him more and more and more. He just seemed nothing like this character I’d loved so passionately for so long. Luckily, I had a bunch of OCs I was very fond of, and if you’ve ever wondered why Brem spends a lot of time furious with his father during his college years, it’s because I was using Brem to work out my disgruntlement with the show. 

So I guess what drives me away is feeling like it’s become about a different character, or become a different show. I fell in love with one thing, and it went to another place. And, you know, RTD was the showrunner and it was totally his priority but I just didn’t want to write about the character he gave me anymore. He no longer fascinated me, I didn’t want to dig into his brain and get him his happy ending. 

That is the very long story of what happened. 

But now I enjoy Doctor Who on an even keel—I do not have the highest highs of the RTD years, but nor do I have the lowest lows of those years—and I’ve learned to appreciate that. And I have Sherlock for the highs and the lows, so there’s that now!

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I’ve been reading Anne Jamison’s FIC, and at one point Jacqueline Lichtenberg writes that no one is more productive than an “irked fan.” And this got me to thinking. Do I write more when I’m angry?

And I think the answer is, honestly, no. When I had my violent break-up with DW, I kept writing DW fic, but I basically stopped writing about the Doctor (which was a luxury I had because I’d had the foresight to give him three kids I could write about instead). And it is probably absolutely no coincidence, now that I think about it, that I fell into the Inception hole directly after my intense dislike of S3 of Sherlock (although I didn’t make that connection until I was thinking about the “irked fan” thing). I don’t like to be irked, I don’t like to feel insulted, as if I’m thinking harder about all of this than the actual showrunner is. It irritates me and throws off my rhythm of “I love this thing so much HERE’S SOME MORE OF IT.”

And do I want my fans to be irked? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I write to make myself happy, and making the readers happy is, I hope, a side effect of that.

But what do you think? Do you liked being “irked” as a fan? Do you think it drives you to more passionate engagement with the source material?

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I really should write that…

—my life motto

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myginnyweasley replied to your post “I had an idea that I thought would be brilliant, I thought you might like to write it. If not, someone else should because I have little to no literary talent. I was thinking every episode of series three—minus Mary. (It would be johnlock ofc)”

But then how would TSOT go without Mary? Would sherlock and John be getting married?

That could work! I could also see it just being the cases they talk about in the episode, and then they get drunk one night and find their way into a relationship. 

I think HLV would be tougher, in a weird way, because the entire plot of that episode is “Mary is a secret assassin.” 

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hyraeth asked: Once you get this you have to say five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers! (This is not negotiable)

Five things I like about me: 

(1) My eyebrows. 

(2) My fingernails. 

(3) That my head writes a lot of stories. 

(4) That I laugh a lot. 

(5) That I have no fanfiction will power. 

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Anonymous asked: Um, were you ever going to write a summer Olympics AU? Because I think I would be really neat to do one in which Sherlock is a boxer (like in canon) and John is in rugby. I kind of wanted to maybe do a summer Olympics au, but I wanted your permission (it feels like I'm copying you) and your opinion (on Sherlock being a boxer). If you wanted to do it, you can tell me no because I know you'd e great at it too. So. Yeah. Have a great day!

Oh, no, please, go for it! I think it would be brilliant, and I love the idea of bringing in canon with Sherlock as a boxer! (I also think he’d be a great swimmer, but that’s probably me being shallow. [no pun intended])

I have no plans to write a summer Olympics AU when means I will probably write one in 2016 when the summer Olympics happen. 

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