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It depends on my mood

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Shipping is such a strange concept. You fall in love with people falling in love. 

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marta-sherlock replied to your post “eclaireevans replied to your post: On Falling Into a Fandom Backwards…”

Good, definitely - but weird. That’s a feature rather than a bug in my opinion.

It *is* a weird movie. I think I liked it better the second time around not just because I was watching for the ship but because I remembered the plot enough to give me the ability to actually *grasp* it this time. 

Although it still makes my head hurt a little bit. 

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Inceptionlock written by you would be like all my Christmases at once. Consider this a definite vote in favor if the muse/time allows!

I think it actually has a plot now. And might actually be called “Keep the Car Running” because that was the song I was listening to at one point while plotting it out in my head. 

This is what happens when I spend the morning flying and it’s way too early to get any real work done. 

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Anonymous asked: You're an awesome writer! Have you published any original fiction anywhere?

I will be publishing a young adult fantasy novel, THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS, in June! :-)

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Anonymous asked: i met ben c yesterday and he was the sweetest thing. and his hands are massive. photos don't do him justice at all. his eyes are amazing to see in person. i will be talking about that day for months at least.

Congratulations! That’s so exciting!! :-)

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