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theresacinematicend replied to your post: Fanfic on Goodreads?

I’ve stumbled across some of the more popular fics on Goodreads before and it always feels weird to me.I think because it’s not fan space & a lot of people want to keep their reading/writing of fanfiction separate and not linked to personal accounts.

I did not realize that people were using Goodreads to track their fanfiction reading! I like the fact that they are not drawing distinctions between the stuff, I guess my major stumbling block was that it would have taken *effort* to make that profile for me, gathering together stuff about me from various social media places, and I think I just wasn’t expecting anything like that. 

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So. The picture I guess was kind of my bad, because I *did* have it out there. I’ve now taken it off my Twitter, and I’m sorry if I gave the impression that it should be used with my fic posting. Anyway, I now have the same standard icon (see to the left) everywhere, so that should help prevent future confusion, I hope!

Fanfic on Goodreads?

So I received a tweet last night from someone that alerted me to the fact that someone has put up some of my fics on Goodreads. I poked around, and others of the bigger fics in the fandom also seem to be up there. 

I guess I was caught mainly by surprise. Is this a thing people are doing now? Putting their fics up on Goodreads? Also, does it normally happen without your knowledge? I normally try to think about where I want to “officially” list my fic, and I just found it disconcerting to have it in a place where I had no idea it was, which I know happens on the Internet, but it’s just *always* disconcerting when you’re in place you didn’t know you were. 

I guess I can’t really fault someone for putting publicly available stuff up on the Internet in a different place, although I would appreciate a heads-up on that sort of stuff (as all you lovely translators and fanartists and podficcers do). My main issue at this point, though, is that it’s got a photo linked to it, which comes from my locked Twitter, and I’d prefer that to be taken down. I don’t have any photos of me really publicly linked to my public EGT accounts, just for personal reasons, and I’d like to maintain that. I NEED MYSTIQUE. ;-)

I’m going to try to get in touch with Goodreads to see if I can get the photo removed at least, although I’m not sure how I’m going to prove to them who I am, so if you’re the person who set up that account, can you at least take the photo down, please? Also, I’d love to open up a dialogue, with everyone, over fanfic on Goodreads and what people’s thoughts are? I’m just feeling…thrown. 

(I do not mean this to offend anyone. I’m trying to be very careful. “Thrown” is honestly the best adjective I have for my feelings about all of this.) 





John wore the same shirt for stag night that he was wearing when they first met.

That’s so romantic

Well, you know, Sherlock *did* pull out all the romantic stops by taking them to all their crime scene streets. 

That’s his “date” jacket. If this wasn’t what a date/anniversary would be like for these two, i don’t know what would.


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cloisteredself replied to your post “Um, were you ever going to write a summer Olympics AU? Because I think I would be really neat to do one in which Sherlock is a boxer (like in canon) and John is in rugby. I kind of wanted to maybe do a summer Olympics au, but I wanted your permission (it feels like I’m copying you) and your opinion (on Sherlock being a boxer). If you wanted to do it, you can tell me no because I know you’d e great at it too. So. Yeah. Have a great day!”

oh so many head canons… John is a rowing captain, sherlock is a diver/ John is a coach on a gymnastics team, sherlock is on another team/ John and Sherlock are beach volleyball partners


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stepfordgeek replied to your post: I’ve been reading Anne Jamison’s …

I think love for the thing paired with an unhappiness about a very specific thing within the story is the most creative point. It makes people want to fix the story. Cue all those post-Reichenbach reunion stories etc. There’s no fic without love.

Yes, I think this is right. It has to be this delicate balance of “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I CAN’T STAND IT” and “BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO IT THAT WAY IT WOULD BE BETTER THIS WAY.” 

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Anonymous asked: It worries me a bit that Mary knows John and Sherlock's code word (vatican cameos).

I didn’t even think about that!!

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Anonymous asked: for the -mary au, maybe the wedding could be someone else's (if not john and sherlock's), like mycroft and lestrade's or something. in hlv, maybe the assassin is still mary, but nobody knows her. maybe she and john know each other, simply because they work in the same building, but they never pursued any relationship ahead of professional. she could have never strayed from her old life, maybe she never became Mary elizabeth morstan.

I kind of adore the idea of an AU where they meet Mary but she’s never become Mary!!

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Anonymous asked: One thing that can be fun, though, are mild inconsistencies. It's rewarding and fun for me to come up with backstories that make sense of things or tie things together that in canon are left as loose ends. Sherlockians have made a game out of ACD's inconsistencies for a long, long time. That's the kind of canon "problem" that's good fun, because you're not mad at the characters, but you do feel challenged to engage with the details. Slipshod canon on that level can kickstart fun ideas :)

I *love* inconsistencies! Inconsistencies are a fanfic writer’s bread-and-butter! I adore them!

I actually think part of what I used to really love about Sherlock was it was this Schrodinger’s cat of a show, and everything was subtext and very little was text and you could make it anything you wanted to be from the vague and ambiguous hints they were giving you. There was so much *there* there. I think part of what I disliked about S3 was there seemed less of that to me, less room for the fanfic writers to wriggle in and play. (Note: many fanfic writers have had a blast, so I guess this is a problem personal to me. *I* felt less room to wriggle in and play. Which is why I have largely ignored it in my fic.) 

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Anonymous asked: So does this mean you're breaking up with Sherlock the show? Or has it not yet reached sufficient levels of irksome-ness?

I have not yet broken up with Sherlock the show. I still watch it and have deep thoughts about it and love parts of it so very, very, very much for its brilliance. 

Much, for me, hinges on what comes next on the show. *Much.* 

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