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cloudwolfbane replied to your post: anonymous asked:Could you give so…

I don’t know if you’ve read it, but give Turn Left at the Park by Glenmore a chance. Its on AO3, I love the writing style and the plot. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Albion and the Woodsman by Glenmore is also really good.

Oooh, thank you! I always love to get more recs!

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Anonymous asked: You know, I don't know how either of them could possibly ever recover from that "argument" (quotes because it was more than that, wasn't it?) Like, it went that one step further from "I'm going to bring up every little thing you've said/done that's irritated me over the course of this relationship" and into "I want to hurt you and I know exactly the right way to do it" territory. :-(

It totally, utterly, and completely did. Because I think Sherlock *would* fight dirty in that situation. Sherlock is many lovely things and I adore him, but hurting and terrified and guilty and defensive and feeling like he had lost the support of the person he relies on more than anything else in the world? While simultaneously being perceptive enough that he would know exactly how to cut John to the quick? I think he would do it.

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Anonymous asked: FYI, Marilyn Marie Fenwick (the American woman who went missing in South Korea) has been found.

Oh! This is excellent, excellent news! Thank you!! 

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the only words that convince sherlock to pick a case.

"One more miracle, Sherlock, for me: Don’t be dead." 

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impextoo replied to your link “Working on the Edges (7/16)”

The relative improbability that a child will be kidnapped in this fic is overwhelmingly huge selling point after last Wednesday’s N&N.

This just made me laugh SO HARD. 

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I felt a little panicky over it too. I think it’s because your J is always so 1000% supportive. Like, he never gets mad at S. That’s what makes him so lovely and perfect for him. It freaked me out a little bit too. Your reason makes perfect sense tho

I admit that sometimes I worry that I write John *too* supportive, but I also always end up telling myself that that’s the magic of John Watson: Sherlock Holmes would have everyone else tearing their hair out, and even when he wants to tear his hair out he still mainly finds him adorable. 

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