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i literally don’t know what i would do if johnlock became canon like do i go to work the next day

This made me laugh so hard because the day after The Reichenbach Fall was an actual holiday so I didn’t have to go to work and I laid in bed with Kleenex and wine and The Complete Sherlock Holmes and wrote fanfiction ALL DAY and I was like, “THANK GOD I DO NOT HAVE TO GO FUNCTION SOMEWHERE.” 

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diapasondame replied to your post “Annual Patriots’ Day Viewing of UK Office…”

u know, it’s shameful, but i’ve never watched all the way through the UKoffice. and the USoffice was my most favorite show when i was 14. need to do it just for martin’s cutie face…

I think the UK Office has the most perfect start-to-finish arc of any show ever. But I need to watch it all at once. I find it painful to stop in the middle of it. 

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Anonymous asked: Decided to re-read Nature & Nurture whilst waiting for the next instalment, and: “We’re supposed to stick together, you and I,” Sherlock reminded [Oliver]. “We’re clones.” (Wait, what??)

They do tend to be pretty open about the clone thing in front of Oliver, it’s true. 

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Anonymous asked: You can never stop writing! I love every single one of your stories! Nature and Nurture, no matter how crazy it is right now, is honestly my favortie piece of writing I've ever read.

I am blushing. Thank you! :-)

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Koreans are the best!

How to transform Sherlock into a sloppy rom-com haha

PS : All the trailers are real and have been released in Korea. 


You can really never watch these trailers too many times. 

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Anonymous asked: Everyone talking about the last chapter and I am like OMG NOOOOOOOOOO because I've been reading and I didn't want to stop so now I have to wait you to update it and I am crying because it is so good, but so good, and what will I do until you update? I am overreacting, but thank you for entertain me. N&N is so good, the world needs to read it lol.

Have no fear, the update is so close now! :-)

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Anonymous asked: I spent three days straight reading every single one of the fics you recommended. Care to post a part 2 to that list? Because so far you haven't steered me wrong!

I love that I brought you three straight days of fanfic joy. LOVE FOREVER. :-)

I’ll have to give some thought to what I’ve missed, because I know there are some out there that I inexcusably forgot about. 

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