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chocolamousse replied to your post “You know, I don’t know how either of them could possibly ever recover from that “argument” (quotes because it was more than that, wasn’t it?) Like, it went that one step further from “I’m going to bring up every little thing you’ve said/done that’s irritated me over the course of this relationship” and into “I want to hurt you and I know exactly the right way to do it” territory. :-(”

Actually that reminds me of this moment in THOB when he was terrified and defensive too, and he said “I don’t have friends” to John, who had killed for him and offered his own life to save his. I think we can all be OOC in this kind of moment…

This is an excellent point. I wasn’t thinking of that moment, but you’re right that there’s precedent that Sherlock, when pushed to his limits, lashes out in vicious ways that he actually doesn’t really mean.

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ravenbasslady replied to your post: tossedaround replied to your link “Nat…

I loved this— though my initial reaction was “ow”— but it had the effect of making them real people— almost more effectively than any other scene in the story. They stopped being otherworldly and became solid.

Thanks! I admit that I tend to agree. I write them mostly heroic but actually they can be just as petty and cruel as every other person in moments of weakness, y’know? 

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Anonymous asked: God, it fills me with such a hollow feeling just thinking about it. :-( That was such a low-blow from Sherlock. There's no excuse for saying something like that to an adoptive parent. And wow, John. It's like he kept a cache in his head of ALL of the insecurities he knew Sherlock felt about parenthood, and just decided to bludgeon him with it. (And it's over such a stupid thing!!! The sleeping can EASILY be blamed on residual drugs in Sherlock's system. Argh! These two idiots...)

It’s true, they *are* being idiots, but if ever there was a time when the worst side of you would come out, it would be now. 

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Anonymous asked: I'm not worried, re: n&n. It's essentially the same argument from waaaay back in chapter 6, and everything worked out fine then, so... *shrugs*

You’re very right, it’s one of those recurring arguments in a relationship. I feel like it will possibly be always what they eventually revert to when they really get to the end of their ropes. (Which doesn’t actually happen very often.)

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tossedaround replied to your link “Nature and Nurture (54/57)”

I loved it, even the part when they fight. I’d think waiting for your child to be returned would be so futile and stressful that it brings out the worst in everyone. That sense of hopelessness was so well captured. Now bring Ollie back :)

I don’t often write them at their worst, to be completely honest. I usually try to keep them at their best. I saw this chapter as being a rare opportunity to explore them at less than their best. 

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