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I miss all of you!!!! The hotel I am at has terrible wifi that won’t even load Tumblr. It’s barely civilized! I will see you all again soon someday when I have Internet.

I miss all of you!!!!

I am on vacation and this hotel has the world’s worst wifi and I cannot get it to load Tumblr and anyway I miss all of you and maybe someday I’ll have Internet again!


there are approximately 1,013,913 words in the english language but i could never string any of them together to explain how much i want to hit you with a chair.

But I’ll give it a try…

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scienceofdeduction-lifeat221b asked: Once you get this you have to say five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers! (This is not negotiable)

I’ve got another one of these and I fear that you all might grow tired of hearing the things I like about myself!

(1) I’m a good multitasker. 

(2) I’m pretty productive. 

(3) And yet I have also learned the art of procrastination. 

(4) I feel like I’m good at cherishing the things I love in my life. 

(5) I am also an expert complainer. 

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Fanfic on Goodreads?





So I received a tweet last night from someone that alerted me to the fact that someone has put up some of my fics on Goodreads. I poked around, and others of the bigger fics in the fandom also seem to be up there.

I guess I was caught mainly by surprise. Is this a thing people are doing now?…

I was just thinking the other day that I need a Goodreads equivalent for fic. I don’t think it feels right to put up fic on that site, not because it doesn’t belong there with books but because it has a different culture associated with it. Anyway, I use Kippt (and before that Springpad) to keep a list of things to read and my favorites. I use the AO3 bookmarks and subscriptions but I like something more dynamic so I can collect things as I see fit (“fics to make me cry”, “fluffy happy fics” “WIPS to check on obsessively” “PWP ~horny goat noises”). But I wish there was a more social and broadly used option. Any suggestions??

Thoughts on this, guys? 

The Pinboard.in web app is a sophisticated cataloging system with a very plain interface (works well for mobile). Many fans moved en masse when Delicious simplified, and Pinboard’s owner embraced fandom’s feature requests and our enthusiasms.

Good to know!

Anonymous asked: Have you read the His Dark Materials trilogy?


I read “The Golden Compass” and strongly disliked it, so I never read the rest of the trilogy. 

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Anonymous asked: So for an entire week now I have not been able to stop obsessing over the image of Benedict-as-Sherlock skating in a fitted T-shirt and jeans to "Golden Years." To the point where I actually went to iTunes and downloaded the song, which did no good. So, you know, thanks for that. (And it does seem like a great skating song -- never ever would have picked it.)

I actually listened to a lot of Bowie trying to decide what to use for that scene, and I really think “Golden Years” is a good one!

Glad you have been obsessing over the scene. ;-)

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This always fucking gets me.

I want to read this story, all about the waiter who’s in love with the chef and the chef who’s in love with the waiter but they’re silly about it and so they dance around it instead, like so. 

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